Top 6 Tallest Fountains in the World

Many people in Saudi Arabia do not know that the tallest fountain in the world is in Jeddah. Here we are listing down the top 6 tallest fountains in the world.

King Fahad Fountain – 853 feet

King Fahad Fountain, also known as Jeddah Fountain and is the tallest fountain in the world a height of 260 meters. Built in 1980, the fountain mesmerizes those who come to see it. It can be seen all around Jeddah at night time.

King Fahad Fountain - the tallest fountain in the world.
King Fahad Fountain

Gateway Geyser Fountain – 630 feet

Gateway Geyser Fountain located in the East St Louis, United States is the second tallest fountain in the world. It was constructed in 1995. and shoots the water 630 feet high in the air.

Gateway Geyser Fountain
Gateway Geyser Fountain

KPT Fountain – 620 feet

Karachi Port Trust fountain located in Karachi, Pakistan is the 3rd tallest fountain in the world with a height of 620 feet. It was constructed in 2005 to be a visual pleasure to watch for all those who went to the coastline.

A special boat ride is also available which takes the people right next to the KPT Fountain which often leaves the people drenched yet amazed.

Fountain Hills – 560 feet

Fountain Hills located in Arizona, the USA is the 4th tallest fountain in the world with a height of 560 feet.  This is the oldest fountain built in the list provided in this article as it was constructed in 1979.

Fountain Hills in Arizona
Fountain Hills in Arizona

Dubai Fountain – 500 feet

Dubai fountain located next to Burj Khalifa is the most visited fountain. The unique fountain has many variations which often change according to the beat of the music or the type of music being played.

The Geneva Water Fountain – 459 feet

Jet d’Eau or the Geneva Water Fountain is the fourth tallest fountain in the world located in Switzerland with a height of 459 feet. It is situated at Geneve Lake.

The Geneva Water Fountain

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