26 Tourist places to visit in Jeddah

Jeddah, the ‘bride of the Red Sea’ has many tourist attractions, picnic spots, places to visit, and things to do that you need weeks to explore. Here are some places to visit in Jeddah.

Jeddah Yacht Club

If you want to enjoy a luxury dining experience in restaurants or a Yacht, Jeddah Yacht Club is the place to go in Jeddah. They have decorated it so beautifully that you enjoy every minute spent there.

Winter blues got you down? Lift your spirits by indulging in delicious ice cream while enjoying the refreshing sea breeze and breathtaking scenery. It’s the perfect way to warm your heart and soul during the chilly season!

  • Jeddah Yacht Club location.
  • Entry Ticket: Free.

Jeddah Yacht Club - Places to visit in Jeddah


Jeddah Waterfront

The best gift of MBS to Jeddah is probably building Jeddah Waterfront, which has become the most frequent picnic place for families. You can use the following location, park your car there and walk through the bridge to the waterfront.

Jeddah Waterfront - Places to visit in Jeddah

Al Shallal Theme Park 

Al Shallal Theme Park is probably the best theme park in Saudi Arabia and therefore tourists who come to Jeddah, pay a visit to this place. I personally love going there with my family when the weather is good.

  • Al Shallal Theme Park Location.
  • Al Shallal Theme Park Timing: 5 pm to 1:30 am.
  • Entry Ticket to the Theme Park: SR 35/person.
  • Al Shallal Theme Park Wristband (all rides free): SR 75/person.
  • Check the discounted deals on cobone.com

Al Shallal Theme Park - places to visit in Jeddah

Fakieh Planetarium

If you have even a little bit of interest in space, you should visit Fakieh Planetarium to enjoy the 3D experience of 30 mins space movie. Although it is not too big and doesn’t have much to offer other than a few astronauts standing here and there, the movie show was captivating.

  • Fakieh Planetarium Location.
  • Fakieh Planetarium Ticket: SR 29 to SR 41.
  • Fakieh Planetarium Website.

Fakieh Planetarium - tourist places to visit in Jeddah

Atallah Happy Land Park

Atallah Happy Land Park is the 2nd biggest theme park in Jeddah with many adventures and thrilling rides and therefore, you should visit at least one of them.

  • Atallah Happy Land Park Location.
  • Entry Ticket: SR 30 and then SR 10 for each ride.
  • Wristband: SR 90 (all outdoor rides are free).
  • Check the discounted deals on cobone.com

Atallah Happy Land Park - jeddah tourist places

Fakieh Aquarium + Dolphin Show

Fakieh Aquarium along with the Dolphin Show is value for money activity and a must-visit place in Jeddah especially if you are with children. They have a variety of fish in the aquarium which is a treat to watch.

  • Fakieh Aquarium Timings: 1 pm to 1 am.
  • Fakieh Aquarium Price: SR 65 – under 2 years free.
  • Dolphin Show Price: SR 70 – under 9 months free.
  • Check the discounted deals on cobone.com
  • Fakieh Aquarium Location.

Fakieh Aquarium - things to do in Jeddah


Don’t miss out on the ultimate adventure in Jeddah – try parasailing! Experience the thrill of soaring high above the water and taking in the stunning views. Make your trip unforgettable with this must-try activity.

  • Book Parasailing in Jeddah.
  • Parasailing price: SR 250.

Parasailing in Jeddah

Water Village

Water Village is a reasonable water park that should be visited if you are with children. Some people say that it is not value for money but I believe that the prices are reasonable.

  • Water Village Price: SR 125/person who swims and SR 40/companion.
  • Water Village Location.

Water Village - places to visit in Jeddah

Paintball Jeddah

If you are looking for some adventurous things to do, Paintball Jeddah is the place to visit. It is an excellent place to have fun and bond with friends. Keep in mind that bullets hurt even though you are wearing a protective vest.

  • Paintball Jeddah Location.
  • Paintball Jeddah Price: SR 100/120 bullets and SR 170/240 bullets.
  • Paintball Jeddah Timing: 5 pm to 12 am.

Paintball Jeddah


Jumpowlane is a cool and comfortable hangout place for families and friends in Jeddah. This place primarily offers Bowling, Billiards, Trampoline, and an indoor mini-golf course. You could also order snacks, coffee, or soft drinks.

  • Bowling Price: SR 25.
  • Trampoline: SR 45 for 30 mins/ SR 70 for 1 hour.
  • Football: SR 25/30 mins.
  • Mini Golf: SR 45/adult and SR 35/child.
  • Billiard: SR 25/30 mins.

Jumpowlane - jeddah tourist places

The Escape Hotel

If you are a horror lover, you would love to visit the Escape hotel in Jeddah. In this hotel, you along with your team are locked in one room with only one goal i.e. ESCAPE.

You and your team must discover the elements in the room which help you crack the codes, and solve the puzzles. The clock is ticking, you have 60 minutes to earn freedom and checkout — alive!

  • The Escape Hotel Ticket: SR 135/person.
  • The Escape Hotel Location.
  • The Escape Hotel Timing: 5:30 am to 1:30 am.
  • Book your tickets online.

The Escape Hotel - adventure place to visit in Jeddah

Durat Al Arous

If you are looking for a private beach resort in Jeddah, book a resort at Durat Al Arous and enjoy with the elite class of the city. You can book a villa there from booking.com.

There’s nothing that would not be in Dural Al Arous for instance cafes, coffee shops, hotels, resorts, theme parks, a golf club, an equestrian club, recreation parks, and a yacht marina.

Durat al Arous - picnic places in jeddah

Khalil Museum

Al Tayebat International City also known as Khalil Museum is a cultural place to visit in Jeddah. It looks like a small city from the inside. 

Balconies made from dark wood and in combination with white-colored walls look really nice. I definitely recommend this place.

  • Al Tayebat International City Location.
  • Entry Fee: Free. 
  • Timing: 8 am-12 pm / 5 pm-9pm (Friday Off).

Khalil Museum - places to visit in Jeddah

Dhaban Marine Park

If you are looking for a place to barbeque in Jeddah, visit Dhaban Marine Park. It is a big park with plenty of rides for children, a designated barbeque area, plenty of parking, lushgreen grass, many trees, and a private beach.

  • Dhaban Marine Park Location.
  • Entry Ticket: SR 11.50/person.

Dhaban Marine Park - places to visit in Jeddah

Asfan Fort

Asfan fort, situated 70 km from Jeddah is a historic place to visit. The fort was built during the ottoman empire to protect the route from Makkah to Madina.

The place provides a perfect place for the BBQ these days as it is not allowed within the city. However, do not expect any grocery store or washrooms nearby.

Asfan Fort - jeddah tourist places

Al Fahad Shipwreck

If you are looking for a serene picnic spot, Al Fahad Shipwreck around 100 km from Jeddah is the place to visit.

The Ship, originally called the MV Free Enterprise III, was built in 1966 in the Netherlands, sold in 1986 to an Egyptian company that renamed it Al Fahad, and the vessel foundered in 2004 due to engine problems.

Al Fahad Shipwreck - picnic place in Jeddah

King Fahad Fountain

King Fahad Fountain is the tallest fountain in the world which provides a beautiful scenic view and a great picnic point for Jeddah families and tourists to visit.

This fountain was built in 1980 and raises the water to about 260 meters or 853 feet above sea level.

King Fahad Fountain - things to do in Jeddah

Red Sea Mall

If you have time to visit only one shopping mall in Jeddah, go to Red Sea Mall i.e. the biggest mall in the city. Here you will find almost all the main brands, an extensive food court, a children’s play area, and a VOX cinema.

Red Sea Mall - places to visit in Jeddah

Al Balad

Al-Balad is the old downtown of Jeddah and if you want to smell the real feel of the city, do visit this tourist place. There is not a specific point to visit as you can roam around the old city, see old buildings and enjoy.

Al Balad - jeddah tourist places

Grave of Hawwa

There is a cemetery in Jeddah called Hawwa Cemetry. It is believed that Amma Hawwa عليه السلام or mother eve is buried here. Although the location of the grave is still unknown, tourists do visit this place in Jeddah.

The grave of Hawwa - things to do in Jeddah

Nassif House Museum

This UNESCO World Heritage site dates back from its construction in 1876 until 1881 by the elite family of Omar Nassif Efendi. If you want to travel to old times while living in Jeddah, Nassif House Museum is the place to visit.

  • Nassif House Museum Location
  • Nassif House Museum Timing: 8 am to 11 pm.

Nassif House Museum - Historical place to visit in Jeddah

JetSki/Speed Boat

If you are interested in water activities, you can visit the Obhur area of Jeddah and rent a speed boat or JetSki there. A jet ski costs around 350/hour while the rate of speed boat varies upon its size.

King Abdullah Economic City

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, visit King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) situated 125km away from Jeddah. The city offers a different way of lifestyle with beautiful beaches, water activities, private resorts, hotels, and a perfect picnic place in Jeddah.

King Abdullah Economic City - picnic places in jeddah

Bikini Beach in Saudi Arabia

Pure beach is located in the King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC) of Jeddah where women are not allowed to wear anything except bikinis. Men are also required to wear only beach attire.

Entry Ticket

  • SR 400/person (single).
  • SR 250/person (family).
  • SR 125/person (below 16).
  • Pure Beach Website.

Jeddah Flagpole

Although the Jeddah flagpole is not a site to visit as you can see it while driving around the city, you should not miss it. It is the world’s tallest flagpole with a height of 171 meters.

Jeddah Flagpole

Bicycle Roundabout

You can visit the bicycle roundabout in Jeddah while roaming around in the. The bicycle sculpture is the largest in the world with a total height of 15 meters. It is designed by Spanish architect Julio Lafuente.

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