Expats can buy one property in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Government has allowed Iqama holder expats/foreigners to buy one property in Saudi Arabia if the following conditions are met.

5 conditions for expats to own a property

  1. Iqama is valid.
  2. Property information should be available with a copy of the official document.
  3. He should not have any other property in his name in Saudi Arabia.
  4. The property should not be in Makkah or Madina.
  5. The expat will use the property only for residence purposes.

5 conditions for expats to own a property in Saudi Arabia

Step by Step Process

  1. Search for the property.
  2. Conduct Building Survey – Shaikh Al Aqar
  3. Agree on the price.
  4. Conduct a Title Search.
  5. Obtain MOI permission (explained below)
  6. Apply for and Obtain Mortgage & Pre Approval.
  7. Prepare Documents & Ready Payment.
  8. Register and First Visit To Notary Public Office (Ministry of Justice)
  9. Transfer of Deeds & Final Visit To Notary Public Office (Ministry of Justice).
  10. Receive The Title Deeds In Your Name.

Apply for MOI approval

Foreigners can apply for the purchase of a property in Saudi Arabia through their Absher account. In order to do that;

  • Login to your Absher accounts https://absher.sa
  • Click on the Services” tab given just below “My Services”.
  • Select “General Services” from the given options.
  • Click on the “Request Property Owning for Non-Saudis“.

Can foreigners buy a property in Saudi Arabia?

A new page will open with all the terms and conditions under which foreigners can buy a property in Saudi Arabia.

  • Click on the “Create Request“.
  • Enter property information.

can expats buy property in saudi arabia

What if Iqama expires?

You must be thinking about what would happen if you buy a property in Saudi Arabia as an expat and then due to any reason you are not able to renew Iqama.

As of now, the Saudi government does not give you any right to extend your Iqama on the basis of owning property in Saudi Arabia. 

Property in Makkah and Madina

As a general rule, Non-Saudis are not allowed to buy any property in Makkah and Madina.

However, expats living in Saudi Arabia can buy the shares of the real estate investment funds that own properties in Makkah and Madina. In this way, they can indirectly buy real estate in Makkah and Madina. – Saudi Gazette

Rules for Inherited Property

Expats can own a property or house in Saudi Arabia if it is inherited. Many expats own property in Saudi Arabia as it was allowed before.

Moreover, there are Saudis whose children could not get Saudi nationality so they are still treated, iqama holders. 

Property Linked to Waqf

Foreigners are not entitled to property rights if the property was linked to waqf and if the Supreme Council of Endowment has a supervisory role in it.

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