About Us

Who we are?

Life in Saudi Arabia is an English language platform created to help the expatriate community in Saudi Arabia with day-to-day guides, procedures, and tips to follow about climate, living, working, driving, and social issues. In short, we have all the information which an expatriate need or might need while living in Saudi Arabia.

At Life in Saudi Arabia, we also aim to bring together Muslims from around the world over the news and the latest updates from the region. From achievements and women’s rights cases to technological advancements and societal events, we present the expatriate community in Saudi Arabia with objective insight on various topics. 

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Make sure you pay $15 to the following PayPal account before sending the email. You can also send a Mobily card voucher worth SR 40 if you don’t have a PayPal account. https://www.paypal.me/lifeinsaudiarabia100

Social Community

We are a community of around 2.1 million followers who are mainly from Saudi Arabia and scattered all around the world. You can follow us on our Facebook page.