How to apply family visit visa in Saudi Arabia in 2019?

In 2019, you can bring your family to Saudi Arabia by filling an online application for a family visit visa on the website of MOFA, KSA and paying a minimal fee.

  1. Who can get a family visit visa in KSA?

As of 2019, the family visit visa of Saudi Arabia can be applied for the following 6 family members;

  1. Wife – You can apply the visa for only one wife at a time.
  2. Children
  3. Father
  4. Mother
  5. Father in Law
  6. Mother in Law
  7. Visa for a sister or brother?
  1. Requirements

  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of passport of each member of your family you want to invite to Saudi Arabia
  • Acceptable Profession to apply for Visit Visa in KSA (See the list here). Even if your profession is not listed here, you should still give it a try as it does not cost more than SR 35.
  • The iqama validity should not be less than 3 months at the time when an officer reviews your application. It is better to apply with the iqama validity of 4 months.
  1. Filing an online application

The first step is to fill an online family visit visa application on the website of the MOFA, KSA. We have given the detailed guidelines to fill the family visit visa application online in Saudi Arabia using the latest available form of 2019. Recommended: Guideline to fill online Application for Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia

  1. Submitting the Application to the Employer

In the next step to apply for the Saudi Visit Visa, you will have to print the family visit visa application, get it signed and stamped by your sponsor and then submit it to the Chamber of Commerce for authentication. This particular process is called Tafeel.

However, in some cities, the process has changed a little bit as you need to apply for the Saudi visit visa online, print the application and hand it over to the Government Relations Officer of your company. He will authenticate the visa application online through the system of the Chamber of Commerce.

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  1. Check Visit Visa Application Status

Once the application is submitted to the chamber of commerce either physically or electronically, the application status of your family visit visa application will change on MOFA Saudi Arabia.

Officially they say, it takes 3 days but normally it takes a week to process the visa in your home country. Even if it takes more than that, don’t worry. Go to this link, and enter your application number and Iqama number to get the status of your application. Recommended: Check Visit Visa Application Status Online

  • Additional documents

In some cases, your Saudi Visit Visa application is not approved straightforward. They will ask you to submit the application along with some documents to the MOFA.

Now attach all the documents mentioned above with the visit visa application which you printed from the MOFA website and submit it to the nearest office of the MOFA in KSA.

  1. What if the application is rejected?

If an online Saudi Visit Visa application is rejected, do not worry. Apply for it again and in many cases, it is accepted in the second attempt. Even if it is not accepted at that time, you should not lose hope, there is another way.

As of 2019, you can still apply for the Family Visit Visa through Istiqdam as the government of Saudi Arabia has not yet stopped the manual procedure. Recommended: Apply for Family Visit Visa through Istiqdam

  1. Submitting the Application in the Saudi Embassy

If your family visit visa for KSA is approved, you need to contact an agent in your home country and send him the PDF copy of the visa and ask your family to contact him for the visa process. Make sure you stamp the Saudi visit visa within its validity so that it does not expire.

In some countries like Pakistan, the Saudi Government has established Etimad Centers. You do not need to contact agents in case Etimad Centers are established in your native country.  Your family will have to take an online appointment at Etimad Center and be present there with the following documents;

  • Original passport
  • Copy of your Iqama (Remember you are the sponsor)
  • Copy of your Passport
  • 2-4 passport size photos
  • If you want to apply for the visit visa of in-laws in KSA, you need to present the marriage certificate and copy of the passport and Iqama of your wife.
  1. The validity

We have published detailed guidelines about the validity of the family visit visa in Saudi Arabia updated in 2019.

  1. The Fee

The fee to apply for a family visit visa in Saudi Arabia is SR 300 as of 2019 and all of it is paid in your home country to the Saudi Embassy through an agent.

Currently, there are two types of visit visa available for the resident of KSA. Before you take any decision, it is very important to read this article. Recommended: Types and Validity of the Saudi Family Visit Visa

  1. Do Not OVERSTAY

It is very important to mention here that expat living in Saudi Arabia on Iqama takes the responsibility of the family members entering the Kingdom. In the case of overstay of any family member, even if the stay is of a single day, SR 25,000/- fine is imposed on the expatriate with Iqama.

In fact, you should plan the departure from KS 3,4 days before the expiry of the visa date. You never know, due to a flight problem you may have to stay at the airport or some other bad thing may happen to you.

Furthermore, you can read about this topic in detail in this article, “What to do if Family Visit Visa Expires in Saudi Arabia”

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