The largest olive farm in the World – Saudi Arabia

Al-Jouf Agriculture Development Company in Saudi Arabia holds the world record of having the largest olive farm in the world. Let’s read out the fact that it made its entrance into Guinness World Records.

1- Olive Cultivation in Saudi Arabia first began in the Al-Jouf region basically in the Basita area and then it was later enhanced and extended to the outskirts of the Tabuk region.

2- Al-Jouf started its olive tree plantation in 2007 and in just 2 years, in 2009 it significantly expanded its agriculture and planted more than 13 million olive trees making it the largest olive farm in the world. It is expected that soon the number of trees will grow up to 20 million.

3- Al Jouf Olive Farm receives 152,000 visitors every year.

4- Al Jouf Agriculture Company currently owns an area of 7,730 hectares, which has nearly 5,000,000 olive trees.

5- The olive oil produced by this company has received eight quality certificates.

6- Saudi Arabia consumes more than 30,000 tons of olive oil, among which half (nearly 15,000 tons) is produced by the Al Jouf Company.

7- The Al-Jouf Company is the largest olive oil factory in the Middle East.

8- Al-Jouf Province celebrates and organizes an annual olive festival which goes for a couple of weeks and is the most significant event in the Arab Gulf region where dozens of Exhibitors display their olive products.

The Al-Jouf Olive Company will soon establish a factory to produce pickled olives and later, it has plans to develop a factory to manufacture personal care products.

Source: Al Arabiya

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