Saudi dependent fee Calculator

Every expatriate who is keeping his family in Saudi Arabia has to pay the expat fee for iqama renewal. In this post, we have given a Saudi dependent fee calculator, explained all the rules applicable in 2020, 2021 covered the latest news about the chances of its cancellation.

Saudi Dependent Fee Calculator

In order to use the Saudi dependent fee calculator, please select the purpose you want to pay the fee, enter the family members and your iqama expiry date according to the Hijri calendar. 

The second way is to use the Saudi dependent fee calculators of banks. You can do it while paying the fee. Recommended: How to pay the dependent fee?

saudi dependent fee calculator

How much is the dependent fee in Saudi Arabia?

Before going further, let us understand the rules which have already been taken into account in the Saudi Dependent fee calculator. Recommended: Maktab Amal Fee calculator

  • Expatriate fee from July 2017 to June 2018 was SR 100 per month.
  • The expatriate fee from July 2018 to June 2019 was SR 200 per month.
  • The dependent fee in Saudi Arabia from July 2019 to June 2020 is SR 300 per month.
  • Dependent fee in Saudi Arabia after July 2020 to June 2021 will be SR 400 per month. 
  • Finally, the dependent fee in Saudi Arabia after July 2021 will continue to be SR 400 per month.

7 Expats who are exempt from the dependent fee

In case you are an expatriate who comes in any of the following categories, you don't have to use the Saudi dependent fee calculator as it is not applicable upon you.

  1. Government Employees
  2. Domestic Workers
  3. Non-Saudi children of a Saudi father or mother
  4. Widow of a Saudi man
  5. Husband or Wife of a Saudi spouse
  6. Foreign Students living on a Student Visa
  7. Non-Saudi parents of Saudi children

expats exempt from dependent fee

7 ways to overcome the fee

You might have noticed while computing the Saudi dependent fee in the calculator that it has been increasing steadily, year after year. Therefore, we are here with those 7 legal tricks that will help the expats to overcome the burden of the fee.

  1. Undertake a job in Government sector

Those who are desperate for avoiding the expat fee should look for a job in the government sector. The government sector employees are not liable to pay the expatriate fee.

  1. Let your employer pay for it

Many legal experts and people who are mastering in labor law issues are coming up with an opinion that the newly imposed dependent’s fee is the responsibility of the employer under some conditions.

  1. Ask your landlord to reduce the house rent

One can have a negotiation with their landlords to reduce the house rent. This is not impossible. In the current economic condition which left many apartments and homes abandoned, many landlords have decreased rent by SR 4,000 to 5,000.

  1. Move into a house which has a lower rent

By saving on the rent, you can easily overcome the burden of the fee.

  1. House Sharing

House sharing can help save money. The house rent can be divided among the residents.

  1. Send the family to their country

Sending your family to their country will help you avoid the dependent fee. The family can reside in their home country. Many expatriates have already sent their families back home.

  1. Alternate income source

Lookup for a legal alternative source of income in the kingdom and earn money to pay the fee. Recommended: How to Earn Money Online in Saudi Arabia?


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