How to get cheapest Health Insurance in KSA?

Normally, employers provide medical insurance to employees according to Article 144 of Saudi Labor Law. If they don’t, here is how you can get the cheapest health insurance in Saudi Arabia.

  • Note: Before you start the process, check if your employer can get you the insurance.


In order to get cheap health insurance in Saudi Arabia, you need the following information;

  1. Commercial Registration Number of the employer.
  2. Sponsor ID.
  3. Employer’s VAT Number.
  4. Iqama Number.
  5. Debit/Credit Card for the payment.
  6. Policyholder’s Height in CM.
  7. Policyholder’s Weight in KG.

Register Tameeni Account

In order to get cheap medical insurance in Saudi Arabia, we will have to create a Tameeni account. In order to do that;

  • Click:
  • Click on the Menu bar given on the left hand.
  • Select “Login” from the options.
  • Click on “Register here“.
  • Select “Register using Tameeni Account“.
  • Enter your Mobile Number, Email, and Password.

Get Cheap Health Insurance in KSA

Once you have all the above requirements and registered an account with Tameeni;

Step 1: Company Details

Step 2: Personal Details

  • Member ID: Iqama Number
  • Enter Sponsor ID.
  • Insurance Class: Select Basic if you want to get cheap insurance.
  • Basic insurance class would just get your Iqama renewed.

Step 3: Additional Info

Now at this step, you will have to provide some additional information to get the cheapest health insurance in Saudi Arabia;

  • Click on “Confirm & Continue” button.
  • Policy Effective Date: The date from which the insurance will start.
  • Entity Revenue: The annual sale of your employer.
  • Health Declaration: Answer a few questions. Normally the answer to all of them is “No“.
  • Enter your Weight in Kg.
  • Enter Your Height in CM.

Step 4: Select the best Qoute

Now at this stage, you will compare different quotes by insurance companies and select the cheapest out of them. In order to do it;

  • Click on the “Request Quotes Now“.
  • Sort by Price Ascending.
  • Select the cheapest Health Insurance. 
  • Enter your employer’s VAT number.
  • Proceed with the payment.

That’s it, you have successfully got the cheapest health insurance in Saudi Arabia for Iqama renewal.

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