How to check and pay Maktab Amal Fee in 2020?

In order to renew Iqama, the employer needs to pay the work permit levy. In this article, we have given a Maktab Amal Fee calculator and explained the rules and the procedure to check and pay the work permit levy online in 2020.

Maktab Amal Fee calculator

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Calculation of Maktab Amal Fee

The work permit levy was imposed for the first time in 2012. The government announced to increase it heavily from the year 2018.

  • YEAR 2017: SR 200/month or SR 2,400 per annum.
  • YEAR 2018: SR 400/month or SR 4,800 per annum.
  • YEAR 2019: SR 600/month or SR 7,200 per annum.
  • Maktab Amal Fee Year 2020: SR 800/month or SR 9,600 per annum.
  • Discount: SR 100/month discount to companies that maintain a 50% Saudization level.
  • Industrial Companies: No Maktab Amal Fee.

Check Maktab Amal Fee payment status

You need to get the SADAD number and check the payment status of the work permit levy to pay the work permit levy. In order to do it, 

  • Open the Ministry of Labor Website.
  • Select Type of Service: خدمة رقصة العمل
  • Enter Iqama Number/Border Number.
  • Enter Captcha Code and click on بحث

From this screen, you can check the payment status of Maktab Amal fee and copy the SADAD number to pay it online.

Check Maktab Amal Fee Payment Status

  • تم السداد: Work Permit Levy is paid.
  • قيد السداد: Work Permit Levy is due.
  • منتھي الصلاحیة: Work Permit has expired.

Pay Maktab Amal Fee online

Al Rajhi Bank

In order to pay the Work Permit Levy through Al Rajhi Bank, log in to Al Rajhi Bank with the mobile application and click on the 3 dashes on the left-upper corner.

On the next page you need to select;

  • Payments.
  • One Time Payment.
  • Government Services.

pay maktab amal fee online

From the Government Services;

  • Select 050 Ministry of Labor.
  • Enter SADAD Number.

pay maktab amal fee online

The next screen will show you the amount of work permit levy to pay. If you are comfortable with it, click on the payment button.

NCB Bank

In order to pay the Maktab Amal fee online using NCB bank, login to Al Ahli Account and click on the 3 dashes on the upper-right corner then select;

  • SADAD.
  • One Time SADAD Payment.

Enter the following details on the next screen;

  • Biller: Alien Control.
  • Biller: 050 Ministry of Labor.
  • Subscriber Number: SADAD Number.

pay maktab amal fee online

Exemption from Work Permit Levy

The Maktab Amal fee rules for Iqama renewal do not apply on the following categories of expatriates 

  1. Non-Saudi Government employees.
  2. Domestic Workers.
  3. Non-Saudi children of a Saudi father or Saudi mother.
  4. Widow of a Saudi man.
  5. Non-Saudi spouse of a Saudi national.
  6. Firms employing less than 5 employees if the owner is a full-time employee of the firm. Source: Saudi Gazette
  7. The first 5 expatriate employees are exempt if the firm is employing up to 9 foreigners. Source: Saudi Gazette

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