Saudi driving license restriction codes

While taking the Saudi Driving License, you might have noticed a restriction code written on it. Ever wondered what is the meaning of these codes? We have explained it here.

There are 8 restriction codes that denote some limitations which are printed on the 9th line of a Saudi driving license. 

Code 0: بدون قيود

A driving license with the code “0” or بدون قيود means that there is no restriction on the driving license. The driver with this code on the driving license can drive any type of vehicle, anywhere in any condition.

saudi driving license restriction code بدون قيودCode 1 – Automatic Car

A driving license with code 1 means that the driver cannot operate a vehicle with a manual transmission.

saudi driving license restriction code 1Code 2 – Prosthesis

The driver is required to use an external or implanted device that replaces or supplements a missing or damaged body part.

Code 3 – Corrective Lenses

A driver with the code 3 restriction on his Saudi driving license must wear corrective eyeglasses or lenses while driving.

saudi driving license restriction code 3Code 4 – Daylight driving only

The driver can only drive during daylight hours (between one-half hour after sunrise and one-half hour before sunset).

Code 5 – Hearing Aid

The driver must use a hearing aid while driving the vehicle. 

saudi driving license restriction code 5Code 6 – Driving within Saudi Arabia

The driving license with the limitation code 6 means that the driver is allowed to drive only within Saudi Arabia. The driver with this code cannot obtain an international driving license on the basis of a Saudi license. 

Code 7 – Disabled Driver

The driver can only operate a vehicle that has hand controls for the accelerator and the brake.

Code 8 – Private and Unpaid use

A driving license with code 8 means that the driver is not allowed to drive a vehicle for commercial purposes.

If the traffic police catch you violating those restrictions, you could be fined. 

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