How to get driving license extract in Saudi Arabia?

To apply for a driving license in another country based on a Saudi Driving License, you need a DL extract/letter or Taqreer Mufassal (تقرير مفصل عن رخص القيادة).

What is DL Extract?

The driving license extract is a detailed history of your driving license which is issued for insurance claims and NOC to other licensing authorities. The driving license letter contains the following;

  • Personal details.
  • License category details.
  • Renewal details (if renewed after issue).

Required Documents

You need the following documents to get the driving license extract in Saudi Arabia;

  • Muroor Appointment with the option Print a driver’s license.”
  • Original Iqama.
  • Driving License.

Get DL Extract from Saudi Arabia

On the day of the appointment, visit Traffic Police Station;

  • Request the reception that you need Taqreer Mufassal.
  • Present your Iqama + Driving License + Final Exit Visa at the counter.
  • The officer will immediately issue you the driving license extract with a Muroor stamp and signature.
  • This service is available free of cost.
  • The DL extract is issued in Arabic.

Get DL Extract from Saudi Arabia

Attestation by the MOFA

Once the DL extract is issued, you should follow these two steps to use the DL extract for any other country, such as Canada/UK or Australia.

  • Get the MOFA attestation on the DL extract.
  • Translate the document into English.

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