The Most Haunted House of Jeddah

The story of Haunted Houses in Saudi Arabia is not new for millions of people who have been living here for a long time. In fact, it is a major decision making factor for the selection of houses among residents of Saudi Arabia. I have been living in the same house since I entered in Saudi Arabia as my wife does not allow me to change it. She is afraid that new house might be haunted and it would be very difficult for her to live in it. The concept of Haunted Houses is not even against Islam as Islam accepts the existence of Magic and other creatures which cannot be seen with bare eyes. Here I am going to narrate the story of Most Haunted House of Jeddah. Keep in mind this story was shared by Arab News.[irp]

The most haunted house of Jeddah stands a hundred meters or so from the seafront on the north Corniche. It is well known among the expatriate communities in Jeddah. Taxi Drivers don’t go near to this house. People say that it acts as a magnet to young people (Shabab). Arab News has reported that 16 people have entered this house and never came out of the house. External world does not even know where they have gone. The government does not take any action against it despite several complaints by the residents of the area.

Apparent Picture of Haunted House: If you stand in front of the house during the day time, it sends a strong feeling of something. It is very difficult to narrate it but yes, the feeling is there. You feel your blood pressure going up and small nervous shocks in your body. You will find so many crows on the roof of the house. Windows of the house are lifeless, but they send a strong message that somebody is still looking from the back of it. The house was built with so much love and care Italian tiles and plastic façade is still there. You will notice the evidence of fire in every room. Ceilings are black with soot, walls reticulated with curling shards of burned paint and old wiring, melted and cooled, hangs in plastic stalactites from light fittings. Whether the fire was the reason for evacuation of the house or fire burnt it after the evacuation, it is difficult to answer.

Experience of Spending Whole Night in Haunted House: A team of Arab News spent a whole night in that house with cameras fitted in almost every corner of the house. In the darkness of the night, the house was fully dark but still, they could see some yellow lights occasionally. They also heard some secrets sounds of small stones moving on the floor. It felt like someone is walking. Sometimes you hear whispers in your ears, although it is not understandable. Someone can associate with the walk of small creatures on the floor and whispers with the sea breeze coming from the window panes but still, the voice was there.[irp]

“We saw no ghosts or ghouls but then, the absence of proof is not proof of absence. We did, however, see self-inflicted fear at work, the power of persuasion and bravado powered by boredom. We also came to respect the old lady for her seeming tolerance of our presence and appreciate what she seemed to have despite her age and her state of disrepair: Dignity.”

Source: Arab News

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