6 areas inhabited by jinn in Saudi Arabia

Jinns inhabit many areas in Saudi Arabia, but we have listed the 6 most popular ones. The references to these incidents are different popular folktales in Saudi Arabia.

Wadi Abqar وادي عبقر

Jinns have inhabited Wadi Abqar وادي عبقر for a long time. The poets of pre-Islamic times spent time in the valley hosted by a jinn poet and became among the great poets! Those who say it is a land of jinns point to the verse by Zuhayr bin Abi Sulma.

“On horses ridden by ‘Abqarī demons, they are prepared to seize the day of battle and overcome.”

Qaisumah Desert القيصومة

It is said that a jinn named “Abu Nuwairah” lives in the desert about 20 km south of Qaisumah القيصومة and up to the Al-Summan area.

In the desert, he turns on lights that can be seen by many people who pass by the road. These lights appear as a massive beam of light, giving the impression that a car is approaching them. However, the Jinn disappears and appears somewhere else.

Ras Al-Khair رأس الخير

Ras Al-Khair رأس الخير, previously known as Ras-Al-Zour رأس الزور, is situated on the coast of the Arabian Gulf. It is believed to be inhabited by jinn, with no human presence.

Some have reported seeing stones moving without any visible force and heard the sound of gravel. One employee even claimed to have lost his mind due to their presence. The access road to the city is said to be quite scary and depressing.

Mount Harfa جبل حرفه 

According to local folklore, spending a night on Mount Harfa جبل حرفه can either drive someone insane or inspire them to become a poet.

Four young men reportedly attempted to reach the summit but only found scattered shoes and clothes along the path and heard the eerie sound of children laughing and crying simultaneously.

Mount Harfa is located only 55 kilometers from the city of Namas and therefore, we have included it in the places to visit in Namas.

Mount Khanouqa جبل خنوقة

Mount Khanouqa جبل خنوقة is a place with numerous myths and legends. It is comprised of two mountains that are separated by the valley of Khanouqa and have sandbars where it is believed that jinns reside. According to the stories, the jinns built a city in this area to live in.

Mount Duqm جبل الدقم

Mount Duqm جبل الدقم is said to be inhabited by jinn, and visitors are often amazed by the strange and frightening sounds emanating from it. The site is also home to a lake guarded by a terrifying serpent.

As Mount Duqm is situated almost in the middle of Fayfa Mountain and the city of Jazan, we have included it in the list of places to visit in Jazan.

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