What are Jinns attracted to?

Muslims believe in the existence of Jinns as it is supported by Quran and Hadith. Ever wondered what are Jinns attracted to? Can a Jinn fall in love with you? We have explained it here.


Beautiful people are not only attracted by other humans but also Jinns. There have been thousands of cases when Jinns fall in love with a man or woman and then they possess them.

The problem is that you cannot get close to another human if Jinn is in love with you. Otherwise, he will feel jealous and would try to get rid of that person in any way possible.

This is the reason why Prophet Muhammad ﷺ has asked us to recite بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ when we change our clothes. 

What are Jinns attracted to?


Our mothers and grandmothers used to stop us from wearing strong perfumes at night time because Jinns are also attracted to them.

It is believed that Muslim Jins like good and pleasant smells such as that bakhoor, cloves, and Jasmine. While the Non-believer jins like bad fragrances.

Fearful people

Humans cannot see Jinns with their eyes but they can feel their presence. You might have noticed that people who are fearful of Jinns feel their presence while those who are not fearful do not care.

Jinns are attracted to those people who are fearful and sometimes make them feel their presence. 

Long Hair

Male Jinns are also attracted to long hair. Probably, this is the reason our grandmothers used to stop girls to cover their hair while going out of the home.


Humans and animals live in places where they can find something to eat easily. This is the reason most human civilizations are inhabited near rivers with an abundance of clean water. Ever wondered what Jinns eat?

They eat bones and therefore, they are attracted to graveyards, mass graves, or places where animal remains are dumped.

Dirty Places

Non-Muslim Jinns are also attracted to animal or human dung. Therefore, they live in abundance near cattle forms and dirty toilets. This is the reason our grandmothers used to advise us not to leave children unattended in toilets.


Prophet Muhammad ﷺ advised people to keep their children with them at night time after the darkness is spread due to the presence of Jinns. –  Sunan Abi Dawud 3733

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