Where do Jinns live as per Islam?

Jinns live all over Earth, including the houses of humans, the sea, the ocean, etc. They have homes of their own and can inhabit human dwellings as well. Here are some facts about the habitats of Jinns.

Where do Jinns live? – Hadith

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ prohibited urinating in a hole. Qatadah (a narrator) was asked about the reason for the disapproval of urinating in a hole. He replied: It is said that these (holes) are the habitats of the jinn. – Sunan Abi Dawud 29

Do Jinns live in Houses?

Jinns have houses of their own and can inhabit human dwellings as well. If Jinns lived in human houses, they would likely inhabit impure places such as washrooms and ruins. Therefore, it is essential to keep your home clean.

Jinns in toilets is also corroborated by another Hadith of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ where it is stated that Jinns eat animal dung. Obviously, they have an abundant supply of dung in toilets.

Do Jinns live in Houses?

Jinns in Graveyard

It is also believed that some Jinns prefer to live in graveyards. Ghoul الغول is a type of Jinn that feeds on the blood and flesh of human beings, especially travelers, children, or corpses that are stolen out of the graves.

  • Graveyards are quiet places where people often avoid going, and Jinns like this place to live.
  • Jinns eat bones, and obviously, graveyards have an abundant supply of bones.

Jinns in Graveyard

Jinns in deserts

Jann جان is a kind of Jinn shape-shifter that lives in deserts and usually appears as a whirlwind or white camel.

Palis باليس Jinns inhabits in deserts and are known as a foot licker that attacks sleeping people and drains the blood from their bodies by licking the soles of their feet.  Palis has low intelligence, and it can be fooled easily. Jinn Al Kaboos is also from the Palis family.

Jinns in deserts

Jinns in Coal Mines

It is also believed that Jinns live in deserts, especially near the coal mines. Many coal mine workers tell supernatural incidents they must face while working in the coal mines.

Once again, it is corroborated by the Hadith of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ where it is stated that Jinns eat charcoal. Obviously, coal mines have an abundant supply of charcoal.

Ifrit إفريت is the type of infernal Jinn who inhabits underground in societies structured along ancient Arab tribal lines.

Jinns in Coal Mines

Jinns on Mountains

According to many popular folktales in Saudi Arabia, Jinns also live in the mountains. In this regard, some mountains in Saudi Arabia are known to be inhabited by Jinns, such as;

Jinns in Sea/Ocean

Some scholars believe that some Jinns inhabit seas and oceans, but we are unaware of any scriptural reference to prove this.

How long do jinns live?

Jinns live far longer than humans, as some species of Jinns last for thousands of years.

It isn’t easy to ascertain the expected life of Jinns as some live for a few hundred years while others survive many thousands of years.

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