Where is Halima Sadia house in Bani Saad village?

Bani Saad Village

Bani Saad village is located around 75 kilometers from the city of Taif and is presumed to be the house of Halima Sadia with whom Prophet Muhammad ﷺ spent his childhood.

People who come to perform Hajj and Umrah from especially South Asian countries are often found looking for Bibi Halima house locations in Taif.

Many believe that the village is called Bani Saad in the name of Halima Sadia.

Bani Saad Village

Location of Halima Sadia House

Pilgrims coming from all around the world visit the location which is presumed to be the house of Halima Sadia in Bani Saad Village. People have made a small mosque there.

The mosque consists of three small rectangular-shaped stone walls which are no more than 50 cm in height.

Location of Halima Sadia House

Does the Saudi govt accept it?

Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage has stated that a site located in the Bani Saad Village in Taif which is presumed to be the Halima Sadia house location has nothing to do with the reality.

There is no scientific evidence that can prove that Halima Sadia had ever lived in this village.

There are no historical engravings or antiquities or any other thing which could serve as reasonable evidence to confirm the various reports about the place belonging to Al Saadiya.

Where is Halima Sadia village?

Where is Halima Sadia village?

The same team also visited several historical sites in Aqeeq Ushaira in order to compare the relics and antiquities with historical texts.

After studying those texts, the team has come to the conclusion that the Halima Sadia House Location where the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W had spent his early days, was most likely located towards the north of Taif.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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