Why there is a pillar on Mount Arafat?

The Mount of Arafat (Jabal Rahma) is clearly distinguished by a tall pillar resting upon it. The pillar has a blue base and white topping. But why is there a pillar on the Mount of Arafat? Here are the 4 possible reasons;

Why there is a pillar on Mount Arafat?

1- To locate the place (Mount Arafat) where the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ stood up and delivered his last sermon. The last sermon has great importance in Islam.

2- Prophet Adam عَلَيْهِ ٱلسَّلَامُ and Hawa عَلَيْهِ ٱلسَّلَامُ, the first people on the Earth met at the very spot. To locate where our ancestors met is important.

3- It is there because the Hajj management of Saudi Arabia wanted it to be there to help people to highlight Arafat valley. Staying at the Arafat plains for some time is one of the Fard acts of Hajj, and therefore it is an important place to be distinguished.

4- It is the place where Prophet Adam عَلَيْهِ ٱلسَّلَامُ and Hawa عَلَيْهِ ٱلسَّلَامُ repent over their sin. As soon as they realized that they had disobeyed Allah and committed a sin, they repented over it.

They were forgiven over it and thereby the pillar stands over Jabal Rahma to highlight this significant event. It is thereby known as the mount of mercy as it depicts the Mercy of Allah Almighty.

My Opinion

I believe that the pillar is there on Mount Arafat so that the pilgrims may be able to locate the Valley of Arafah easily. It is there so that the pilgrims might not have any difficulty locating the valley of Arafah.

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