How to take Teleferic Taif cable car?

Teleferic Taif cable car is the world’s longest cable car system without any pillars. It is the best activity you can plan during your visit to Taif. In this article, we have explained everything you need to know about Teleferic Taif cable car from its price, location, timing to its opening hours.

The cable car system which is also known as Telefric Taif, is one of the most enjoyable places for the tourists and the locals in the city of Taif. In fact, taking a ride of Telefric Taif is the best thing to do in Taif. However, if you have some more time, have a look here. Recommended: 7 Fun things to do in Taif, Saudi Arabia

How to take Teleferic Taif cable car?

If you wish to enjoy the world’s longest cable car, you need to first visit the Ramada hotel and get your tickets. Once you reach the Ramada hotel, you can park your car there and take the Taif chair lift. You will reach the waterpark first and if you have kids along with you, your children will love it! We have given its map location below.

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Teleferic Taif cable car price

The ticket price of Teleferic Taif cable car is SR 84. You might think for a while that the Taif chair lift price is a little higher or out of your range but believe me, it is worth experiencing.

Teleferic Taif cable car Timing or Opening hours

Even though the Teleferic opening hours start at 13:30. However, it is advisable to go after 14:00 as you can enjoy the day and night view. It is better to confirm Taif cable car timing from the support staff and make sure you get back to the station during their opening hours.

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How safe is Teleferic Taif?

The Teleferic is perfectly safe as it is being maintained by experts. The cost of maintenance is high. The equipment is new, and a team is always there to look for working condition. The overall experience with the staff and management is also good.

The Teleferic Taif Chair lift system was inaugurated by Crown Prince Abdullah, deputy premier, and commander of the National Guard, in 2001. It stretches over 4.5-km and the total cost for completing this magnificent system in a mere 8 months was SR150 million ($40 million. It has been built by Taif Investment and Tourism Company in association with an Austrian specialist company.

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