A parcel containing “witchcraft spell” found in Madina, Saudi Arabia

Witchcraft is one of the most hideous and dangerous acts known to mankind. It is practiced by going against God’s teachings and using the book of Allah in a disrespectful manner. Most of all, it is against mankind as it is used to bring harm to someone through unfair means.

Dedicated Department for Witchcraft: Saudi Arabia’s Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice is known to have a department entirely dedicated to fighting witchcraft.

The government created the “Anti-Witchcraft Unit” in 2009 to spread awareness among the people about the evils of wizardry through education and investigate supposed witches.

The minister of economy and planning of Saudi Arabia said that we do not mention the name of the person who files a report about sorcery. He assured the people that their identity would not be revealed. In 2009, the department charged 118 people with practicing magic.

Parcel with Black Magic in Madina: The department received another case when the security officials at Prince Mohammad bin Abdul Aziz International Airport in Medina seized a parcel which they described as a witchcraft spell.

The package was sent from some foreign country and contained a product of black magic along with papers which had several people’s name on it who are thought to be the target of this witchcraft.

The department was handed over the task of investigating the package and also undo the black magic found in the parcel so that no harm is done to the people who it was meant for.

The news became viral on social media and people had their fair share of thoughts. Some were extremely worried and wanted the Government to investigate the matter seriously as it is against God’s teachings and a horrible act indeed.

However, some thought that the people are being delusional about this incident. They think that they have overdone themselves in thinking that this was black magic intended for someone. But is that so? The Government is doing a good job in stopping such horrific and illegal practices which are evil and immoral.

Black Magic in Makkah: This is not the first time we have found non-believers trying to spread their filth on the holy lands of Makkah and Madina. A few weeks ago, a Man was arrested in Makkah performing black magic inside the Holy site

People should be aware of these practices and must be encouraging towards stopping it. That being said, we must not become delusional and superstitious about this act, we must only believe what is real and not link everything towards something that would create hype or a good gossip.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.