Man arrested performing black magic in Makkah ๐Ÿ•‹

Saudi authorities ambushed a man and a woman for performing witchcraft and black magic right in the middle of the Holy site of Makkah. Police confiscated all the materials.

Viral Video: Our public, as usual, was there to capture the scene on their smartphone, and later it was uploaded on social media.ย 

One of the videos uploaded on social media showed the spells that were done by the man and the authorities are trying to undo the spells by cutting and tearing the bound ropes.

The footage also showed the man being tackled to the ground by the policeman.ย  The authorities are investigating how he was able to enter the holy site and cast his witchcraft and prohibited deeds there.

Punishment:ย The case will be referred to the Saudi courts for the verdict. However, generally whoever is involved directly in casting black magic spells is sentenced to death as per Saudi laws.

The Saudi court will ensure the strict punishment so that nobody dares to perform this in Makkah again.

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