Saudi Airlines to pay SR 61,000 to a passenger for a flight delay

Saudi Airlines to pay SR 61,600 in compensation

The Saudi Arabian Airline has been asked to compensate a family which suffered a flight delay of 21 hours. The Court of Appeals in Riyadh issued the ruling that the family shall be compensated for the psychological and financial harm.

The national airline is now to financially compensate the family and is to pay an amount of SR 61,617. The details revealed that the flight was from Jeddah to New York, yet the passengers suffered a delay of 21 hours.

Rights of Airline passengers in Saudi Arabia

Many people do not know about their rights being an airline passenger in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, they do not claim any compensation for the flight delay or any other inconvenience. Keeping this in mind, we have already detailed the rights of airline passengers in Saudi Arabia.

In case, your flight is delayed due to any reason or you do not get any entitled right by airline, you can always claim compensation for that. Recommended: 6 Rights of Airline Passengers in Saudi Arabia everyone should know

How did they get SR 61,000 compensation?

The airline also was charged for changing the seat numbers of the family while they were on their return flight. The verdict has been issued by a panel of three judges: the judges gave forth their verdict after carefully analyzing the case.

They also made sure that the airlines were able to give forth reasonable answers and explanation. The case was able to get limelight after the victim, Mohamed Abdullah Al-Shidi, shared his victory in his tweet.

The reaction of people on Social Media

The people on social media congratulated him over his victory and we're happy that people are aware of their rights and authorities are being made answerable over their conduct.

Majed Garoub, who is a lawyer, rejoiced that people of Saudi Arabia are aware of their rights and are ready to fight for them. This is something that signifies a healthy and awake nation.

The public and private sector and serving the nation and they shall do so while protecting the rights of the people. If the rights are violated, they shall be held answerable.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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