CEO of AlUla Royal Commission arrested for corruption

According to an official statement by the anti-corruption authority, Amr bin Saleh Abdul Rahman Al Madani, the CEO of the Royal Commission for AlUla in the northwestern Medina region, has been arrested on charges of abuse of authority and money laundering.

What was the crime?

According to the statement, Al Madani was purportedly involved in acquiring contracts illegally for another company, in which he holds an ownership stake.

The value of these contracts is estimated to be around SR207 million ($55 million). These activities allegedly took place both before and after he assumed his position. 

Al-Madani was found to have received personal benefits from contracting companies that were affiliated with the commission. He had also received profits from the projects through a relative of his, Mohammed bin Sulaiman Mohammed Al-Harbi, who was also arrested in connection to the case.

Al-Harbi confessed to having received money from the company and its owners and then transferring it to Al-Madani.

In addition to this, Al-Madani’s partners in the company, Saeed bin Atef Ahmed Saeed and Jamal bin Khaled Abdullah Al-Dabal, were also arrested. They admitted to having conspired with the CEO in relation to the incidents mentioned above.

According to the statement, the detainees are being legally processed and will be prosecuted in a court of law by the laws and regulations.

The Royal Commission of AlUla’s website listed Abeer Al Akel as acting CEO on Monday without any reference to Al Madani.

Saudi Justice System

The Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia has fostered an environment where everyone is held accountable under the law, regardless of their status. In order for a nation to advance, fairness and meritocracy must be integrated into its systems, and that is exactly what Saudi Arabia is striving to achieve.

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