Saudi wife pleads to blind her husband with one eye

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The Saudi court has approved the wife’s request to blind her husband with one eye for the physical assault committed by him.

What is the case?

The husband and wife had an argument which they decided to settle in the car as it could have mental effects on children. The matter heated up so much that the husband punched her in the face. The husband was wearing a ring and the punch resulted in gouging out her eye.

1st court order

The court had ordered the husband to compensate the wife with SR 400,000. However, the victim refused monetary compensation and said she wanted to practice the Islamic right of Qisas. This right assures an eye for an eye.

2nd court order

The Saudi Court has accepted the appeal of the victim as she has the right of qisas which she requested to be upheld.

What is Qisas?

Qisas means that the victim can claim the same which he has forgone. For instance, blood for blood, hand for hand, or in this case an eye for an eye. 

Qisas is available to the victim or victim’s heirs against the intention of murder or intentional bodily injury. However, the victim can seek monetary compensation, reconciliation, or pardoning the criminal.

Source: Gulf News

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