Saudi man sues a woman to return the gifted phone

Saudi man filed a lawsuit against a woman to pay her for the mobile phone he gifted out of a love affair.

A Saudi man approached the Jeddah court to file a lawsuit against a woman declaring her a defaulter as she failed to pay the mobile phone installment.

Saudi Man’s version

The Saudi man says that he sold the mobile phone to the woman for SR 8,000 in SR 600 monthly installment plan but the woman is not paying him the installments.

Woman’s version

On the other side, the woman said that the man gifted her the mobile himself and there was no payment plan in installments. He gifted the phone because he was having an affair with her daughter and he also promised to marry her.

The court ordered the man to bring the payment contract and the witnesses. Since the man failed to provide the contract or the witness to the court, the judge ordered the two to take an oath. They both took an oath insisting on the conflicting statements.

The judge questioned the man, why he did not sign any payment contract or installments plan with the woman? To which the man replied, he planned to do so but forgot.

The Court Decision

Due to the lack of evidence, the court declared the man neither signed any agreement nor provided any witness.

Signing no contact is negligence from the side of the man. This is the reason he lost his money. It is all the man’s mistake. Thus the case was dismissed.

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