6 Rights of Airline Passengers in Saudi Arabia

There are certain rights for airline passengers in Saudi Arabia. We have highlighted 6 of them which are not known to the general public.

Delayed Flight

GACA regulations explained different compensations for the passengers according to the time duration of the flight’s delay.

We have covered in detail the compensation to be paid by Airlines to Flight Passengers in case of Delays. The compensation is about SR 300 per hour.

In this regard, the GACA ordered an airline to pay SR 65 million to passengers in one of its verdicts.

Delayed Baggage

According to Saudi Consumer Protection Association (CPA), an airline is required to pay compensation to passengers in case of a delay in passenger baggage during a flight with the following;

  • 20 SDR/day with a maximum of 100 SDR for a domestic flight.
  • 40 SDR/day with a maximum of 200 SDR for an international flight.
  • SDR = Special Drawing Right.
  • 1 SDR = SR 4.88.

Canceled Flight

The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) has clarified the rights of passengers in Saudi Arabia which vary depending upon the time when the flight cancelation is communicated to the passengers.

International Passengers

  • 100% refund – if informed 14 days before they travel.
  • 100% ticket refund or choose an alternative flight – if informed between 14 days to 1 day before the travel.
  • The alternate ticket cost of another airline – if informed less than 24 hours ago.

Domestic Passengers

  • 100% refund – if informed 7 days before they travel.
  • 100% ticket refund or choose an alternative flight – if informed between 7 days to 1 day before the travel.

Security of baggage

It is a right of all passengers that their luggage should be taken care of to avoid any mishap on their way to Saudi Arabia.

In case baggage is lost, related flight authorities have to pay a passenger a certain amount as indicated in their terms and conditions. When luggage gets damaged, the loss has to be compensated.

Overbooked tickets

There are several passengers who board another flight or may miss their flight due to any reason. Airport authorities have the right to overbook the ticket for missing passengers.

The passengers must be offered fair compensation in case their seat is overbooked. However, seeking the passenger’s permission is the prior requirement.

Once I faced a similar issue when the airline refused to issue me a boarding pass and forced me to take the next flight. I knew my rights so I forced them to issue me a business class seat at the cost of the economy class.

Special Needs Passengers

The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) has stated that airlines do not have the right to refuse to board people with special needs after tickets have been issued.

GACA said that if the air carrier does not provide the necessary services, then the passenger shall be compensated with 200% of the total value of the ticket if the special need of the client was disclosed before the booking was completed.

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