What happened when Maalik bin Dinar caught a thief in his house?

Maalik bin Dinar was a preacher who belonged to Basra. He devoted his life for services of Islam and used to copy the Quran. He is among the initial preachers who settled down in the subcontinent to spread the light of Islam.

The traditions quoted by him are considered to be true as he was a person who lived a life close to Islam. His name is still famous around the world among the Muslims as he set an example for them. There are some real-life stories related to him which are quite inspirational. So, we thought to share one such story with you.

Once a Thief entered his house

It is said that that once Maalik bin Dinar was offering his prayers when a thief climbed the wall of his house and entered. The thief searched for some valuables but found none. When Maalik got a feeling that someone had accompanied him in his house without his permission, he completed the prayer quickly.

Once done with the prayer he found a thief along with him. Maalik had realized that the thief had found nothing valuable in his house and thereby was empty-handed. Maalik had such a strong faith in Allah that he did not get scared of the thief, rather he was so calm that he greeted the thief with Assalam O Alaikum!

I will not let you leave empty-handed

He then said that May Allah forgive you. You had come here to take away a valuable but found none. However, I would not like you to leave my house without any gains. The thief stood in a shock at such behavior while Maalik came back from another room with a jug full of water.

He then looked straight into the eyes of the thief and said that you shall perform ablution (wudu) with the water and offer two units of salah (the prayer). This way you will leave my house with the greater treasure that you were looking for.

The thief then offered the prayer

The thief was just amazed by the humbleness of Maalik. Indeed, Maalik had a great preaching style. The thief got impressed by Maalik and took water to perform wudu. He then offered the prayer and said that if Maalik does not mind he shall offer another 2 units of prayers. Maalik agreed to it saying that he may pray for as long as he wishes to.

The thief kept a fast the next day

The thief prayed for the whole night. When the dawn approached, Maalik asked the thief to leave and to remain good. The thief, however, said that he wants to keep a fast and would like to extend his stay at Maalik’s house. Maalik agreed to it saying that he could stay for as long as he wishes for.

He stayed at Maalik’s place for a few days. During these days he would fast and would offer lengthy prayers at night. When he was to leave he thanked Maalik and said that he wishes to be forgiven for his previous actions and way of life. Maalik said that indeed only Allah has the authority to do so.

His entire life was changed

The man changed his lifestyle, earned halal and stayed away from sin. Once another thief came to him and asked if he had found the treasure he had been looking for. He said that he found Maalik instead. He went to steal from him but Maalik stole his heart. Now he shall remain an obedient slave of Allah and repent over his past.

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