5 conditions under which you can commit sins – a great lesson

Once a man approached Ibn Adham and said that he is unable to have control over himself and thereby commits sins. According to Ibrahim ibn Adham, you can commit a sin if you meet any of the following 5 conditions;

1- Once you wish to commit sin, you shall not eat anything that has been provided by Him. Upon this, the man exclaimed that how is that possible? Everything that we eat is provided by Allah!

  • Ibn Adham then questioned that is it justifiable to eat what He has provided and to disobey Him?

2- Ibn Adham then revealed that if you wish to disobey Him then you shall move away from His land. The man was again in a shock and said that then where shall he go as all the Land belongs to the Almighty?

  • Ibn Adham replied so is it okay to eat His blessings and to live on His land and then disobey him?

3- Commit sin where Allah cannot see you! The man held his head saying that how that is possible when Allah Almighty can see what is being done hidden and open?

  • Ibn Adham said so is it okay to eat what is provided by Allah, live on His land, and commit sin while one knows that Allah is watching over.

4-When the angel of death approaches you, ask him not to take away your soul and give you the time to repent over sins. The man was confused and said that the angel of death would never grant him time to do so.

  • Ibn Adham replied that when you know that death would approach you in a way that won’t give you time to repent over your sins, then how can you be sure that your sins won’t cause harm to you?

5-When the angels of fire come to take you to fire, don’t go with them. The man said that how is that possible?

  • Ibn Adham then replied that how do you wish them to commit sins and remain safe?

The man repented over his sins and remained away from sins until he died!

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