Oh Allah, I almost sold You and Islam for SR 20!

Once there was an Imam who settled down in London. He discovered that the area he had been living in was occupied mostly by non-Muslims and even the bus driver was a non-Muslim.

He used to travel on the bus. He would sit down quietly on the bus and would read the Holy Quran. Once he gave the driver the extra fare as he did not have a change and took the remaining amount in return.

He received £4 extra from the bus conductor

Yet to his surprise, the driver had given him £4 extra. He went back home and thought about it. Shall he return these £4 or not? They are only £4, it won’t affect the driver and the company much!

A few days later, while he traveling on the same bus, he thought again of £4. While he was to come off the bus, he went forth to the driver and returned £4 saying that the other day he had given him by mistake.

The driver had given the extra money to test

On this, the driver smiled and said that he did not give those £4 by mistake, rather had given them intentionally.

The driver could see the surprise on his face and explained that for long he had been thinking of converting to Islam when he got to know that he was an Imam, he thought he shall first test the religion before embracing it.

The driver converted to Islam

The driver wanted to see what would a Muslim do if he was given extra money. He said that as the Imam has returned the money back, he wishes to offer prayers in the Mosque where Imam goes. 

When the Imam stepped out of the bus, his legs were shivering and stood by the nearest pole. He then asked for Allah’s mercy saying that what a pity on him that he was about to sell his religion for only £4!

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