How do the dead people realize they are dead?

The dead person does not realize that he died at the beginning. When his time comes, he feels himself dreaming of death. He feels and sees himself crying. During the time of his ghusl, he sees himself being given a bath and knotted down and placed down the grave.

During all this time, he is having the impression of dreaming. He can see and feel what is done with him.  As soon as his loved ones leave him after burying him in the grave, he wakes up from his sleep.

This is the time when he realizes that all that he was witnessing was not his dream but he has died. He realizes he is underground. At this point, he shouts for his loved ones and relatives but no one could hear him or help him.

  • “Razaq… !!!!”
  • “Oyiza …. !!!!”
  • “Abdullahi …. !!!!”
  • “Khadijah …. !!!!”
  • “Aisha …. !!!!”
  • “Uthman …. !!!!”
  • “Adam….!!!!”

He bellowed his lungs out but no one could help him. He realizes that he is not alive but dead and at this time, no one could help him but Allah. He remembers Allah and weeps while asking his forgiveness. The dead scream in an incredible fear that he has never felt before throughout his lifetime.

If he is a good person: two beautiful angels arrive at the good person and make him sit down and comfort him with a smiling face.

If he was a bad person: two ugly-faced angles will come to increase his pain and fear by torturing him. At that time, the dead person asks for forgiveness and mercy from Allah but it is of no use.

Perhaps the right time to ask for Allah’s forgiveness is the time when we are alive, young and healthy. Hence, we should not waste our time and find the time to pray to Allah. 

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