Jeddah court dissolves marriage for not sleeping with wife

A 72-years-old woman filed a petition in Jeddah court for the dissolution of her marriage as she was facing psychological, social, and physical harm after being neglected by her husband for 15 years.

The Civil Status Court in Jeddah has given its verdict in the favor of the woman for dissolving marriage as the husband had disserted her in the marital bed for 15 years.

She briefed the court that during these years she has received discord, alienation, and hatred and thereby now wishes to be set free with kindness.

Her husband said he did not want to end the 45 years of marriage and is satisfied with his wife. On his remarks that he does not wishes to be separated, and would be a responsible husband in the future, the court referred them to the reconciliation committee.

However, the woman demanded separation and said that she would not return to the husband’s house at any cost and needs a divorce or dissolution of marriage.

The court, thereby dissolved the marriage

The judgment further directed the woman to complete her iddah for three months. The Iddah is a time period a divorced woman or widow has to complete before going for another marriage.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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