Egyptian woman arrested in Riyadh over sexual video

Saudi police have arrested Tala Safwan, an Egyptian woman living in Riyadh, over a broadcast going viral on social media with explicit sexual content.

Tala Safwan is an Egyptian social media influencer with millions of followers. She makes videos on TikTok and YouTube and is quite famous among Arab Youth.

Tala Safwan appeared in a video clip talking to another girl with sexual overtones in a way contrary to public morals and decency.

She is inviting the other girl to visit her. The other girl says it is around 3 am, not a suitable time to visit.

Upon this, Tala Safwan replies, “Even better, because everyone will be asleep, and they won’t hear what I’ll do to you. They won’t hear your screams…from how much fun we’ll have.” 

Police sources said legal measures were taken against the Egyptian woman, who was referred to the Public Prosecution.

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