Saudi Jailed for seducing a married woman for sex

Al-Ahsa in the Eastern Province has sentenced a Saudi to 5 years in Jail for seducing a married woman for sex over WhatsApp.

The husband of the victim had filed a petition against the man claiming that he had been seducing his wife by sending her inappropriate messages over WhatsApp. 

The context of his messages was sexual, they were indecent and were inviting her to engage in sexual activities with the man.

The first joint criminal circuit at the court had ordered to confiscate of the mobile phone of the criminal and to close his WhatsApp as it was used for inappropriate activities.

The Saudi man had confirmed that the WhatsApp number belonged to him and he also accepted his crime. Thereby he has been awarded 4 years and 6 months of imprisonment. This is per the Article 6-8 of the Anti-Cyber Crime Law. The 6 months additional is for disciplinary action.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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