SR 500 fine for wearing indecent shorts in Saudi Arabia

Wearing indecent shorts in Saudi Arabia is a violation of public decorum and punishable with a fine of SR 500.

Public Decorum Code 2019

The Public Decorum code 2019 imposes fines and imprisonment on misconduct in public places. The law punishes those who pose danger to people or are offensive in nature.

The law states that wearing “indecent” outfits, and displaying offensive images, symbols or phrases is an act punishable by the State of Saudi Arabia with a fine of SR 200.

SR 500 fine for wearing indecent shorts in Saudi Arabia

What is indecent shorts?

Clarifying the statement, Badr Al Zayani, who was the former head of the Saudi Public Decorum Society, shorts that are above the knee are considered to be indecent to be worn in the public.

In an interview, he told that there are different types of shorts such as shorts for playing football, basketball, walking, swimming, etc. People need to understand that it is fine to wear them while playing that particular game but not in a shopping mall or a public park.

He also exclaimed that public places are different from beaches and that public places do have a dressing code.

Source: Gulf News

public decorum code regulations 2019

No Shorts in the Mosques

Another clause has been added in the Public Decorum code 2019 according to which SR 500 fine is imposed on those who wear any kind of shorts in Mosques in Saudi Arabia.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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