List of Non-Refundable products in Saudi Arabia

There are certain products and services which cannot be returned or refunded as per the directives of the Ministry of Commerce in Saudi Arabia.

In other words, it is your right to refund everything you have purchased online except the following items.

List of Non-Refundable products in Saudi Arabia

1- Products manufactured on demand of the customer.

2- Products for downloading software.

3- Discs, CDs, prepaid game cards, and information programs.

4- Products that are prone to damage during the return e.g some specific electronic items.

5- Damaged products.

6- Accommodation/Hotel Booking.

7- Transport Tickets.

8- Food.

9- Event Tickets.

10- Vehicle rentals.

11- Public auction contract.

12- Products that cannot be resold due to health reasons e.g lingerie, medicine.

13- Products with unstable prices e.g. valuable jewelry.

14- Pay As You Go (or prepaid) phone cards.

15- Products with an in-built contract of no-return and exchange policy.

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