SR 2,000 fine for nose-picking by restaurant staff

In the wake of hygiene, Saudi Arabia has put forward a new list of municipal fines that shall be imposed on restaurants, shops, contractors, workers, and individuals. We have explained the new penalties imposed below.

Fines on restaurants and cafes

Staff caught picking their nose, spitting, touching their mouth, or exhibiting poor personal hygiene will be fined SR 400 to SR 2,000.

Fines range from SR 400 to SR 2,000 on workers displaying symptoms of illness, wounds, or blisters.

Employers who hire workers without a valid health certificate or with an expired/incorrect one will be subject to fines ranging from SR 400 to SR 2,000.

Fines for low hygiene standards in toilets, presence of pests, unclean appliances, and unsterilized equipment can result in penalties ranging from SR 400 to SR 2,000.

Tobacco sales violations

It is prohibited by law to sell tobacco products to people under 18. Moreover, it is essential to be equipped with a license to get involved in tobacco sales.

Those not equipped with necessary licenses or found guilty of selling to people under 18 years of age shall be fined in the range from SR 1,000 to SR 5,000.

Gas stations and petroleum violations

The gas station needs to sell appropriate fuels. Selling non-compliant or mixed fuels would result in fines ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 riyals.

Licensing and business regulations

If any business is operational yet does not possess a municipal license, it shall receive a fine ranging from SR 10,000 to SR 50,000.

If a business has a license yet is practicing what is not within the permissible range of the license, then the fine would be from 400 to SR 5,000.

Road and public space violations

Those contractors who do not comply with the regulations related to drilling, waste disposal, and public property shall also face heavy fines ranging from SR 200 to 50,000.

Building and construction violations

Any building that is under construction or is being demolished without a license shall also be subjected to a fine. Also, any construction activity beyond the building permit limits shall face fines. These are hefty fines, such as  SR 50,000.

Medical facilities and health practitioners

Several fines have been imposed on medical facilities. Thus, those medical facilities or practitioners who do not comply with health requirements, dispose of the medical waste properly, or misuse the medical devices can face fines ranging from SR 2,000 to SR 50,000.

Source: Gulf News

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