SR 1,000 fine for Hanging Clothes on Balcony

Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs (MOMRA) has imposed 5 levels of fines for building compliance violations ranging from SR 20 to SR 6,000.

1- SR20-100 if no sidewalks were constructed toward the main street from the building.

2- SR100-500 fine if a satellite dish was installed on the sides of buildings or balconies.

3- SR100-500 fine if there is no roof jack for the building or the jack is at a height that violates the building regulations.

4- SR100-500 fine for cracks or damage to the front of buildings or visible rust on the metal materials on the front.

5- SR200-1,000 fine for displaying hangers or materials that do not fit the shape and nature of the building on the balcony. It includes hanging clothes on the balcony to dry.

6- SR200-1,000 fine for ugly graffiti on the walls of commercial buildings.

7- SR200-1,000 fine for window opening and design requirements for openings in commercial buildings.

8- SR200-1,000 fine for electrical-sanitary-mechanical extension works visible.

9- SR500-2,500 fine for not complying with the requirements of people with disabilities in terms of parking and passage.

10- SR 1,000-5,000 for failure in constructing a separate staircase for the mezzanine floor of commercial buildings.

11- SR 1,200-6,000 for erecting iron columns or iron Shinko screens on the roof walls of commercial buildings.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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