Why COVID-19 death rate in KSA is lower than the world?

Saudi Arabia announced its first Coronavirus case on March 2 and until now more than 16,000 people are infected with the deadly virus. All the experts are wondering why the death rate of COVID-19 patients among Saudi Arabia is so low as compared to the world.

The death rate in Saudi Arabia due to COVID-19 is less than 1% as compared to the world average of around 7%. Here are the 5 main reasons behind it.

COVID19 death rate in saudi arabia

  1. Robust Health and Screening

Saudi Arabia is applying Robust Health and screening system to treat its COVID-19 patients. Special precautionary measures are taken. The robust health system collides with demographics to follow early preparatory measures. The paramedics are also screened to prevent other patients from asymptomatic infection

  1. Outstanding Infrastructure

The outstanding health infrastructure is considered one of the reasons for the low fatality rate of COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia. The wide infrastructure too plays an important role in this matter as it enhances the ability of the health care system to respond efficiently and treat a large number of patients with advanced techniques.

  1. Well prepared for outbreaks

Saudi Arabia is a progressive country that is always well prepared to face such contagious diseases. We could see that Saudi Arabia responded too early with extreme measures such as the closure of Umrah when the rest of the world was not taking the required measures.

  1. Age Factor

Age factor is also playing an important role in this global pandemic as studies have shown that people of older age and with poor health conditions are more likely to be at risk with the infection. The majority of the infected people in the Kingdom are below 50.

  1. Chinese models during the Wuhan outbreak.

The Saudi authorities have studied the Chinese models during the Wuhan outbreak which is a conceptual model for COVID-19 and had a great impact to control the further spread of the disease.

Test and trace all the contacts of the infected patients, instant governmental action like lockdown, holiday extension, hospitalization and organize a quarantine system where require as these are of paramount importance to treat infected and control its further spread.

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