Saudi Jailed for 5 years for assaulting 11 newborn babies

The Saudi court has jailed a Saudi woman for 5 years with an SR 100,000 fine for assaulting 11 newborn babies.

The woman had been working in the neonatal nursery department of a hospital as a health practitioner.

The Public Prosecution officials unveiled that the woman was caught on the surveillance cameras abusing an infant. She was seen physically hitting the newborn boy as well as slapping thrice on his face.

After the investigation, the woman was detained and referred to court for a trial.

Sources claim that the Public Prosecution Office demanded heavier punishment for the cruel acts that have been practiced by the preparator on helpless newborns.

The Islamic Shariah law protects newborns and infants and grants them high protection. The state laws also protect neonatal babies and grant them their health, social and security rights.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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