Saudi mother gives birth to triplets after 6 years

A couple in Najran was overjoyed to be blessed with three daughters after six years of marriage waiting for a child. After trying for 6 long years, when she had lost all hope, Allah rewarded her with 3 daughters.

The father named all three daughters uniquely depicting the weather. He has named his daughters Sama, Sahab, and Ghayim. Sama means sky, Sahab means cloud while Ghayim means rain cloud.

As these names are all related to weather, the meteorological department could not let it go unnoticed and awarded the father with gifts.

The spokesman of the Meteorological Department, Hussain Al Qahtani told that the announcement of sending gifts to the newborn triplets is in accordance with the social responsibility initiative by the center.

The names of the girls are commonly used in that region. One can identify these names in the weather bulletin as well!

People on social media are pouring love into the girls and blessing the parents who have entered parenthood after waiting for 6 long years!

People are praising the choice of names as well, saying that the parents have given beautiful names to their daughters.

Source: Al Arabiya

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