2nd marriage gift: Saudi woman gifts a car to husband

While it is often said that the day a husband opts for a second marriage can be pretty painful for the first wife, this is not true for this Saudi woman who has a heart of gold. This Saudi woman has won hearts over the internet for her priceless action.

She gifted her husband a new 2024 model car with a heartwarming note to congratulate and celebrate his second wedding. A video can be seen where the vehicle is beautifully decorated. Through the windscreen, a beautifully printed message can be seen that reads;

You have spent a good time with me, for which I am thankful to the Almighty. I am grateful to Allah for granting me a partner like you. I desired to stay with you on this day, yet I can only say that may Allah grant you with success, your loving wife!

Many people also commented that they wished their wives could be like that. However, I can feel the pain expressed between the lines in these notes if I give my impartial view. Although polygamy is allowed in Islam, I am not an advocate of that.

Source: Urdu News

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