Meet the Saudi man with 14 wives

A man on social media has gone viral after he made a statement about his 14 marriages. He is known to be a Saudi national, claiming he has been married 14 times. It has sparked controversy on social media as netizens have raised several questions.

Many people questioned him about his marriage; he thus clarified that being a Muslim, he had only 4 wives at a time in his marriage.

While 14 marriages were a personal choice, people were curious about his lifestyle. How, during such inflation, he can manage 14 weddings? What are his sources of income, and how does he manage all his wives?

Others criticized him for not finding peace with few wives and running into multiple marriages. People found it unfair to women who had married him. He should have settled with them rather than marrying so many women and ruining their lives for self-love.

People responded that he must be an army/empire for himself. When asked when he last married, he said it had been a year since he last married. 

Source: Urdu News

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