Saudi man having 126 children marries for 11th time!

Ali Al Balawi, an 83-year-old Saudi with 126 children married for the 11th time. The man says that he is healthy and nothing can stop him from remarrying.

He has now married for the 11th time, having 4 wives in his Nikkah right now! He currently has 18 sons and 20 daughters. He also is a grandfather to 88 children!

He has now married for the 11th time, in presence of his family and friends. He proudly boasts that he has no ailments and is healthy. Thus, he would be remarrying and there is no stopping him! 

Happily married for the 11th time, Al Balawi says that he has the mental, physical, and financial capacities to have 4 wives at a time.

He says that he has never suffered from marital problems and thus advises men to remarry only if they can treat fairly, have good health, and can afford it!

Source: Gulf News

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