Why are Russian girls raised without fathers?

If you have some Russian friends or you know Russian culture, you might have noticed that most Russian girls are raised without fathers. Statistics reveal that 5 out of 32 Russian girls are raised without fathers.

Men and Women Ratio

First of all, historically, the number of men in Russia is less than that of women (53% women and 47% men). Right now, there are many more women in Russia than men. A lot of men feel extreme competition for themselves, and those women who don’t want to participate in this lovely and desirable competition leave Russia. And those who stayed there will probably experience the same.

Many men were killed in wars, and the country still did not recover from the Second World War. The Afghanistan war also damaged a lot.

Non-Family Oriented Men

It also reflected the mentality because those who were born from soldiers who came back from the Second World War were raised with their mothers and grandmothers.

So, boys growing up saw only women, and they took this model as the core of their personality. So, boys from childhood understood that women could be just fine by raising kids alone.

Those raised in the families of the soldiers of the Second World War didn’t feel the responsibility for kids.

Custody laws in Russia

Custody laws in Russia are not very strong. So, a Russian man will do anything not to pay child support. Because when they leave, they want to start a new family, like meet a younger woman.

They don’t want the kids’ troubles, dirty diapers, or screaming at night. No, they don’t want that.

If you don’t pay your child support, you can’t travel abroad. But I guess those who don’t pay for their kids don’t travel.

Divorce Rate in Russia

The divorce rate is the highest in the first year a couple has kids. So it’s the same in Russia. So they leave.

The first family crisis, they divorce, and men walk away, and you stay with your children alone, and you’re totally and entirely responsible for them. Unfortunately, it is like that. It doesn’t mean that there are no good men.

Kids without fathers – a new normal

Growing up, there were 29 to 32 kids per class; maybe 5 had both father and mother, and everybody else had single moms. 

So from this experiment, let’s call it a social experiment, you may understand how raising children and showing them the new normal affects everything in a whole country.

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