Saudi Police arrested a boy in Riyadh for spitting on the Holy Quran

Lately, a video has been the “hot topic” among the social media users. A video was uploaded on social media where a 15 years old boy offended Muslims by spitting on their Holy book, the Holy Quran. The video took everyone by storm. People around the Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait were shocked and expressed their anger.

The viral video was shared on the social media platform with a hashtag of “#مواطن_يسيء_للقران_الكريم”. People shared their views on it. Some people did not share the video as they said that it is better not to see the shameful act, they used a hashtag and a screenshot of the video. They heavily criticized the 15 years old boy.

The people called for an immediate action. They said that such an act is intolerable and thereby the boy shall be made subject to punishment. Some even gave forward the view that the boy shall be arrested and given a death sentence.

Some of the users said that the act is so shameful that they could not watch the video completely. Some regretted seeing their Holy book being offended in such a nasty manner. Some did not give a verdict and condemned the act while others would just ask for harsh punishment like lashes and imprisonment.

But the beauty of social media is diversity. Where many have been criticizing the teen and asking for punishment, some gave a completely opposite view. They actually defended the boy. They said that the boy is only 15 years old, he is not too old to be sensible.

Some argued that he must have done this to catch the public attention without understanding the sensitivity of the matter. Some even pointed that the boy might be mentally ill as he is naked in the video. They asked others to not be harsh with the boy. He can be educated about the matter and we can come up with a reasonable solution; execution is by no means a reasonable solution.

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The matter spur debate among the Gulf region and the video was the Breaking news among social media and electronic media. The video went viral so much so that the Riyadh authorities had to jump in the matter.

The video alarmed the Riyadh authorities and they arrested the teen who was seen in the video offending the Holy Book of Muslims. According to Gen. Fawaz Al Meeman, who is the spokesperson for the Riyadh Police, the boy was identified and then tracked down. He, for now, is taken to the social services detention center.

The final action will be taken by the prosecutor office of Riyadh. The spokesperson made it clear that the Prosecutor officer has been briefed about the whole incident and it shall come up with a verdict, soon.  We hope that the Riyadh’s prosecutor deals with the matter wisely and comes up with a decision that serves justice!

Source: Okaz

  • smart boy

  • Haloge

    Performance Art reaches The Kingdom.

  • Kurt Schwitters

    A book is a man-made manufactured article. Mere property. Presuming the kid owned the book how can it be a criminal offense to do anything at all to his own property. Certainly not very nice or smart to intentionally offend people given the cultural context. Not the act of a young gentleman, surely. But a book cannot be offended. A book is mere property.

  • Sheldon Cooper

    No offense but to make things clear for you. will be quite harsh…

    Your mother isn’t a property of you, nor you own your mother. But what If I spit on her? Would you just stand there and say nothing? Of course you will hit me with a jaw breaking punch or even kill me. Why? Because the love and respect you have for your mother.

    For us, our religions comes first before over loved ones, even before one himself/herself. I can’t even watch or hear someone doing so disrespectful act to Holy book.

    So yeah,its a book for you but a religion and way to succeed for us in this world and hereafter.

  • Sumaya Sefat

    The Holy Quran is not a property to anyone. It cannot be bought or sold. A hadiyah is given in honour of the book, but that doesn’t make anyone the owner. Only Allah is the owner of Holy Quran.

  • hami han

    its not a normal book its our everything it is the book of god no one can point a single mistake in it and you people of other religion wont understand that what quran is

  • hami han

    the boy should be punished according to what shariah says

  • Kurt Schwitters

    It’s for sale on Amazon. Check it out. Made in a book factory not dropped from the sky, and sold in a book store because…hot flash!…IT’s a BOOK. If it’s my book I can do what I please with it, and there is no way to stop me. I don’t like to ruin or destroy my books exactly because they are my property, bought and paid for, not because of any superstitions about the nature of the particular book.

  • Kurt Schwitters

    I wouldn’t kill you, Sheldon, because that would be murder, a big crime in most countries not to mention a moral transgression of the worst kind. Reacting with violence as you suggest may be the way taught by Islam and its holy book, but was not the way I was raised, though evidently it is how you were. Violence and hatred begets more violence and hatred, as the events of the last 15 years certainly demonstrate.

  • Sheldon Cooper

    How can you bluntly say that Islam and Quran taught violence? Have you read and understand Islam and the Holy Book? And you still haven’t answered my question.

  • Kurt Schwitters

    I would not kill you for spitting on anyone, me my ded mother or anyone else. As to the relationship between Islam and murder and violence the news provides an excellent lesson to all who choose to pay attention. Whether its the murder of Theo Van Gogh, the continuig threats against Salman Rushdi, or the violence in the wake of the Muhammad bombhead cartoon, the connection of Islam with violence is now understood worldwide. I have read the Qu’ran and studied Islam in the context of graduate comparative religion courses, and think it is a pity what organizations like ISIS have done. You consider a human being like my mom to be somehow equivalent to an object like a book. I suppose you were trying to suggest that the Qur’an is beloved “like your mother.” But human beings are not manufactured objects, for sale on Amazon. When Muslims justify murder and violence the net effect is to reinforce the non-believers’ stereotype of Muslims as people who only know how to react with violence to supposed slights to Islam. What Islam needs is serious reform, moving away from violence and backwardness. I’m sure open advocacy of this would be very dangerous, liable to result in murder. That’s the great pity. No way forward for Islam. You’ve made that very clean to me, and for that, thank you. Anyway, I won’t kill you my friend or break your jaw, because my love of my mother cannot be expressed by violence directed against you: so go in peace and sleep soundly without concern about your personal safety.

  • Dear Brother Kurt,
    Quran is respectable to us as Bible for you but please don’t judge Muslims with the comments you have seen here. We have a proper Sharia Law to deal with this kind of instances and before punishing anyone, we take into account many factors. We also see if the culprit is repenting of the sin he has committed, in this case, his punishment is reduced.

    I hope the following Hadith will clarify how Islam respects a Muslim.

    It was narrated that ‘Abdullah bin ‘Amr said: “I saw the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) circumambulating the Ka’bah and saying: ‘How good you are and how good your fragrance; how great you are and how great your sanctity. By the One in Whose Hand is the soul of Muhammad, the sanctity of the believer is greater before Allah than your sanctity, his blood and his wealth, and to think anything but good of him.’” Sunan Ibn Majah 3932

  • Sheldon Cooper

    Second that, brother kurt, I apologize for any words that made you offended.

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