4 dead as lightning strikes on Jabl Thawr

A deadly lighting 🌩️ on Jabl Thawr in Makkah has led to death of 4 people and caused heavy injury to one.

What is Jabl Thawr?

Jabl Thawr is located some 3 kilometers from Masjid-al-Haram 🕋. This is the mountain where the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ along with his companion Abu Bakr Siddique رضي الله عنه sought refuge during migration from Makkah to Medina.

This is the same cave where a dove laid eggs and a spider 🕷 knit a web on the order of Allah to protect Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and Abu Bakr Siddique رضي الله عنه. People climb up this mountain to visit the cave of Thawr.

Viral Video

A video is also making rounds on social media. In this video the four dead bodies can be seen resting on the ground. The four people were victim of a deadly lightning 🌩️ that caused their death.

After the incident, the mountain is witnessing several visitors who are coming to view the site where the tragic incident took place.

People are offering condolence to the families of the people who died due to lightning. In one of the videos, it is being heard that May Allah be merciful towards these four people and forgive them.

Source: Gulf News

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