12 Best Ice creams to taste in Jeddah | 2024

If you are an Ice Cream lover, we are coming up with a collection of the best ice creams to eat in Jeddah. Here is the list;


Bing Box is a Korean dessert spot that has a variety of ice-creams and tasty things to make your day! Their signature ice cream is the made-to-order snow cream BingBox and probably one of the best in Jeddah.

The best thing is that they have a variety of bases and toppings so you can make your favorite combo. They also have waffle bowls and cones, which too have an option of toppings.

BingBox Ice Cream in Jeddah

Cosmo Café

Well, even though this is among the best ice cream in the Jeddah list, to be clear, this is not an ice cream parlor. It’s a Café, which serves the best ice cream in town. Their most famous one is the ice cream with Nutella churros.

Cosmo Cafe Ice Cream in Jeddah

Galb Ice Cream

Now, this is an ice-cream parlor you don’t want to miss. They have the best combos to serve in town. What is better than a bright yellow mango ice-cream ona  tall cone contrasted with bright red strawberries!

Galb - best ice cream in Jeddah

Lite and Delight

Lite and Delight basically serve beverages like coffee and juices, but they have amazed us with their ice creams as well. They offer a variety of fruit-flavored ice creams such as mango, strawberry, and pomegranate. They are famous for their Oreo combination ice creams!

Lite and Delight

Pass By Ice Cream

One of the local’s favorites. In Jeddah, when you ask someone where to buy ice cream from, they would definitely have Pass by Ice Cream on their list. And you need to follow them on Instagram to see their amazing, mouth-watering, and tempting videos of new flavors!

Pass By Ice Cream

Penguins Ice Cream

Well, Penguin Ice Cream is small but classic as always. They know how to give a perfect treat to those who love ice creams. They offer the best textured and creamy ice creams ever. Sitting there, all you think of blast of flavors in your mouth and the regret of ending the cone and the sweetest treat!

Penguins Ice Cream Jeddah

Shubbak 4

Even though they are new in business, they are innovative and creative. They use natural botanical ingredients. The plus point is, that it is tasty. They have so good flavors shave so good flavors such as watermelon, saffron, and pina colada.

Shubbak 4 Ice Cream in Jeddah

SubZero Ice Cream

What people like now is variety. They offer dairy free ice creams, that taste equally good, for people who are vegan or who are lactose intolerant. They have fresh fruits topping available with variety of sauces!

SubZero Ice Cream

Sweet Ice

They offer Italian-styled ice creams. In order to make ice cream a treat for all, they offer dairy, egg and gluten free ice creams. They also have some unusual ice cream flavors such as Mangonada.

SubZero Ice Cream


Even Venchi ice cream is rich in flavors and textured, it is so light. Melts in the mouth so perfectly! They have more than 20 options to fulfill your sweet cravings. They are rich in flavors and textures.

Venchi - best ice cream in Jeddah


They make colors pop out so good that you want to try all the combos as you scroll down their Instagram.

Wister Ice Cream

66 Cups

Famous for their coffee and two flavors of ice creams. Which is your favorite? red velvet or vanilla-charcoal?

66 cups

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