5 Unknown Facts about Grave of Eve (Hawwa A.S) in Jeddah

The Legend is such that Eve, who was the first woman created on earth (peace be upon her), also known as Hawwa, is buried somewhere in Old Jeddah. While there is no absolute or definite archaeological evidence which can support these claims or legends, the legend is still alive and has been passed on from generation to generation.  It is a matter of great pride for the residents of Jeddah to be residing in the same place where the first woman on earth has been laid to rest. This is just the basic tale and although most of our readers would be aware of this there are some other interesting facts that I am sure our readers are unaware of;[irp]

1-It is generally estimated that the tomb of Eve or Hawwa A.S. (peace be upon her) was somewhere around 120 meters long and also three meters wide. These were, however, the original dimensions and over time deterioration has reduced the size of her tomb.

2-The Graveyard where Eve or Hawwa A.S. (peace be upon her) is buried has a sign on the gate that reads “Eve’s Grave”, however, there are no headstones or any names that could mark her exact spot of her burial.

3-The above arrangements were purposely done so that nobody could ever venerate this historical site.

4-Jeddah, literally means Grandmother in Arabic, hence one of the tales lay claim that the city of Jeddah was named after our universal grandmother Eve (Hawwa A.S.) (peace be upon her).

5-There are however arguments to this tale. People claim that the city got the name Jeddah from the location of the city. Originally the city was pronounced as Juddah which translates to seashore in Arabic and hence has nothing to do with Eve (Hawwa A.S.)

As someone who is greatly interested in History, I wished that this site could have been properly marked not for religious reasons but for historical reasons so that mankind could lay witness to the burial places of the First woman on Earth and the second human being on Earth. Even if we see it in a religious perspective, the grave is probably one of the most religiously historically important graves in all of History as History begins with Adam (peace be upon him) and Eve (Hawwa A.S.).[irp]

However, I believe that it was in the best interest of the preservation and safekeeping of the most historical site in the world, both religiously and historically, as wars and unrest often result in large-scale destruction, of which this historical grave could have become a victim of. We as humans cannot afford to lose one of the most historic and religiously prestigious locations on earth, where the first woman on Earth and the wife of Adam (peace be upon him) have been laid to rest. Hope our readers have found the previous facts and the analysis interesting.


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