10 Best Turkish Restaurants in Jeddah

Who does not love Turkish Food? You can enjoy the taste of Turkey in one of the following best Turkish Restaurants in Jeddah.

Khayal Restaurant

If you are looking for grilled food, this is the best Turkish restaurant in Turkey. The tender meat is what can fulfill your appetite. Moreover, the starters and appetizers are freshly baked bread and other traditional Turkish food that moves you to eat at your fullest!

Khayal Restaurant Jeddah

Bursa Iskender

The most authentic Turkish restaurant in Jeddah is Bursa Iskender. The restaurant has a Turkish outlook, with authentic Turkish dishes and tastes.

You may find them a bit expensive, but your visit there and the money is worth it! Also, they do offer complimentary food!

Bursa Iskender - the best Turkish restaurant in jeddah

Ashwaq Restaurant

Looking for pocket-friendly Turkish food, Ashwaq Restaurant is the place for you. They have listened to all the complaints and have improved taste, quality and ambiance. The Iskender chicken and Iskender meat are worth trying. Their kebabs are also tasty.

Ashwaq Restaurant

Saraya Latif

They are reckoned for their authentic Turkish taste and reasonable prices. They have a diverse menu, a nice and comfortable environment, tasty food, and complimentary delights.

Friendly staff makes the experience even great. The kebabs, pastry shells, and bread are a must to try!

Saraya Latif

Albasha Turkish Grills

You won’t be disappointed choosing the Albasha Turkish Grills for a family/friend gathering. A good place with tasty grills awaits. They have a good and understanding staff. Clean and nice place and great food.

Albasha Turkish Grills

Konak Restaurant

Konak restaurant is among the best Turkish restaurants in Jeddah. They have authentic Turkish food, served in the best possible way. The eye-catching dishes make appetite and food journey excellent.

Konak Restaurant - a sophisticated Turkish restaurant in Jeddah

Al Fairouz Restaurant

The crispy Cheese Chicken can help you elevate your mood any day, any time. Al Fairouz restaurant is one of the most economical Turkish restaurant in Jeddah. Great service, food, and place to go and fulfill your Turkish food cravings.

Al Fairouz - cheap turkish restaurant in jeddah

Sultan’s Steakhouse

One of the best places to have steaks in the traditional Turkish way. Fulfill your meaty craving at Sultan’s and you won’t regret it! A soft, tender, juicy, and delightful plate surely wins heart through the stomach! Also known for their incredible services.

Sultan's Steakhouse

Atyab Alzad

Do not miss their meat iskander, taboula andlaban ayran. Their kababs are not bad, but average. Also, the dining place is a bit congested. Overall, good food and service.

Atyab Alzad restaurant

Merze Restaurant

Food and taste are up to the mark. Pure Turkish food, with original taste. Great variety and menu. However, the service is poor. They also have an outdoor sitting area which is great for people wanting to enjoy the weather.

Merze Restaurant

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