How to get Zain Advance balance/loan of SR 10?

In an emergency situation, if your mobile is running short of balance, you can take zain advance credit or loan of 10 riyals by sending a code to Zain.

Zain Telecom is now entertaining its prepaid customers with advanced facilities. Zain service users can now get a Zain advance balance or Zain Loan ranging from SR 1-20 once they reach a low amount.

You shall repay the Zain advance balance obtained once you recharge your balance. The Zain loan amount will be deducted from your account on your very next recharge. Below we have jotted features of the Zain Emergency Credit or Zain loan and the complete guide of taking the loan.

How to get a Zain advance balance of SR 10?

In order to get the Zain advance balance or Zain Loan of SR1-20, there needs to be a low balance in your mobile. If you have a sufficient balance, then you will not be entitled to receive the Zain Emergency Credit.

  • Once you are out of balance, you need to send a message containing the digit “1” to the number 700500. In other words, the Zain advance balance code or the Zain loan code for the year 2019 is 700500.
  • You shall get a notification that the request is in “process”.
  • Once you get a confirmation message such as “Congratulations, your Airtime balance is SR 10”, from Zain, this means that your account has been recharged with the Zain emergency credit.

In a situation where you are making a call or sending a message and your balance runs out, you might as well receive a message for getting a Zain advance or Zain loan, in that case, you shall simply reply back to the message with the text ‘1” to proceed the loan payment.

4895 How to get a Zain loan balance of SR 10

What is the fee to get Zain Loan?

Zain Advance will be deducted from your account following the recharge. As soon as you get your account recharged the Zain loan payment with additional package charge of 20% is reduced from your account.  

The 20% tariff shall be paid on every loan taken. This is the price of service that is being provided by Zain Telecom.

Terms and Conditions of Zain Loan or Zain Advance Balance

1-The Zain Emergency Credit can only be availed by prepaid customers. This service is not for postpaid customers.

2-The Zain advance can only be processed when you have an insufficient amount in your account. If you already have sufficient balance, your loan request will be canceled.

3-The Zain Emergency Credit can be utilized for local and international calls and SMS.

4-The Zain advance cannot be used for:

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