How to get a Mobily loan balance of SR 30?

Mobily has an emergency credit service or Mobily Loan balance for the people of Saudi Arabia. This service allows one to get a loan or an advanced credit in emergency situations and return it back on the following recharge.

Mobily Loan or Mobily Advance is a good initiative by Mobily, yet many people are unaware of the service and the method of utilizing it. Mobily Emergency credit allows users to get a loan and return it back when they are able to recharge their accounts.

How to get a Mobily loan balance of SR 30?

The service can be availed by either sending a message at the required code or dialing the USSD code. The emergency credit is available in three categories and you can choose any one of them. Customers would not be able use more than one category at the same time.

1-In order to avail Mobily loan balance of SR 5, dial *405# or type 405 in a message and send it to 1100.

2-300 MB data for 7 days can be availed as a Mobily Emergency Credit by dialing *403# or sending a message 403 to 1100.

3-You can also get SR 30 Mobily advance by dialing *430# or sending a message containing “430” to 1100.

How to check the remaining Mobily Loan balance?

In order to inquire about the remaining emergency balance, dial *400#. This is free of cost service and no credit shall be deducted.

It is important to mention here that the procedure to check normal balance in Mobily is different. In another article, we have given a detailed guide to obtain Zain Loan Balance of SR 10 from if you are using a Zain SIM.

Who is eligible to get Mobily Loan Balance?

The credit can be availed by customers who fulfill the eligibility criterion. The eligibility criteria and status can be known by running a USSD code of *400#.

Terms and Conditions of Mobily Loan Balance or Mobily Advance Balance

1-The Mobily Loan balance or Mobily Emergency Credit can only be obtained by the prepaid customer.

2-The Mobily loan balance service can only be availed when you have an insufficient balance in your account.

3-For each SR 5 emergency credit, SR 1 fee is deducted.

4-The fee for 300 MB internet data is SR 10.

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